About Us

Wow Jewellery Online based on the beautiful island of Tenerife in Spain was founded by Chrissie C after customer requests from her sister company "Music Jewellery Online"  to create some "Non Musical" but statement and "Different" jewellery for the partners of the musicians!

Chrissie C has been a professional musician travelling the globe for many decades and her edgy personality is reflected in the unique jewellery you will see on this site.

My edgy "WOW" collection allows you to express yourself and your looks. - My collection is crafted with passion and pure attitude! 

Be Unique. Be Yourself. Be a fashion Rebel.

If you are looking for something particular please message Chrissie as she loves a challenge!

Chrissie also offers a "Personal Shopper" service which is so much fun!..

Read all about this - There is no charge for this service!